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Current release

Decryptiecomponent – 4th release December-2020

  • Full support for decryption of Encypted Pseudonyms (EP) and Direct Encrypted Pseudonyms (DEP) based on the old closing key
    • The closingkey of your choice (by the DV) can now be used over various SchemeKeySetVersions.
      This simplifies management for DVs that recognize their customers based on pseudonyms (and associated closing key).
      A change of the SchemeKeySetVersion no longer requires a new closing key.

Future release(s)

Decryptiecomponent – 5th release - To be determined

Previous release(s)

Decryptiecomponent – 1st release October 2019

  • Decryption of identities, pseudonyms as directly encrypted pseudonyms (DEP) (current structure version)
  • Migration of pseudonyms, both changes on closing key and changes on organizational level (OIN migration).
  • Support decryption and migration to another OIN in one request.

Decryptiecomponent – 2nd release December 2019

  • Full support for decryption of the new v2# structures Encrypted Identity (EI), Encrypted Pseudonyms (EP), Direct Encrypted Pseudonyms (DEP) and Direct Encrypted Identities (DEI).
  • Continued support for current structure version, both versions are supported transparently
# Structure change: Expansion of the data structure with extra fields and modification of the signing algorithm (current: EC-Schnorr, new: ECSDSA).

Decryptiecomponent – 3rd release March 2020

  • Support validation of linked encrypted identities and pseudonyms.
    With this, a link between 2 encrypted identities and/or pseudonyms (identifying the same person, confirmed by the Identity Provider)can be verified by the recipient.
  • Contains example code to perform decryption using BSNk Decryptiecomponent libraries (/pep-crypto-examples)

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