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Current release

Decryptiecomponent – 3rd release March 2020

  • Support validation of linked encrypted identities and pseudonyms.
    With this, a link between 2 encrypted identities and/or pseudonyms (identifying the same person, confirmed by the Identity Provider)can be verified by the recipient.
  • Contains example code to perform decryption using BSNk Decryptiecomponent libraries (/pep-crypto-examples)

Future release(s)

Decryptiecomponent – 4rd release mmm-2020

Previous release(s)

Decryptiecomponent – 1st release October 2019

  • Decryption of identities, pseudonyms as directly encrypted pseudonyms (DEP) (current structure version)
  • Migration of pseudonyms, both changes on closing key and changes on organizational level (OIN migration).
  • Support decryption and migration to another OIN in one request.

Decryptiecomponent – 2nd release December 2019

  • Full support for decryption of the new v2# structures Encrypted Identity (EI), Encrypted Pseudonyms (EP), Direct Encrypted Pseudonyms (DEP) and Direct Encrypted Identities (DEI).
  • Continued support for current structure version, both versions are supported transparently
# Structure change: Expansion of the data structure with extra fields and modification of the signing algorithm (current: EC-Schnorr, new: ECSDSA).

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