The section outlines considerations regarding integration of the BSNk Decryptiecomponent.

The BSNk Decryptiecomponent is provided in 2 ways:

BSNk Decryptiecomponent integration considerations (Container)

Please consider the aspects below when integrating the BSNk Decryptiecomponent Container within your application environment

Authentication and authorizationAll requests to BSNk Decryptiecomponent are handled without authentication or authorization. Callers need to provide valid decryption-keys, schemekeys and valid encrypted structures.

The container has no configuration settings itself. (zero-config) External connectivity must be configured through Docker.
(See 4b. Installation Decryptiecomponent (Docker-container), step 4 )

Connectivity (network)

The BSNk Decryptiecomponent's internal webserver operates at port 8080 and uses unsecured HTTP. Applications (and underlying infrastructure) that perform or support exchange of information with the container, must ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the exchanged data.

The BSNk Decryptiecomponent runs in isolation: it does not exchange information with external networks. It should not be accessible from a public network.


The BSNk Decryptiecomponent does not support storage and management of decryption and conversion-keys. (BSNk-sleutelmateriaal). Key-management must be performed by calling application(s).*

Protocol / Service descriptionThe container-image offers a REST-endpiont, that exposes the Decryptioncomponent functionality. Description of the API is provided as a Microprofile service description.

* might be added in future versions


The BSNk Decryptiecomponent source-code is also provided.

The build process will yield the following output artifacts:

Decryptioncomponent JAR-filesIndividual JAR-files, can be used for integrating BSNk Decryptiecomponent functionality into your own application.
Decryptioncomponent Thorntail application

This is the Java-EE application containing the REST-endpoint. (This application is also deployed in the BSNk Decryptiecomponent Container.)